Gadgets Product: New Pocketbook Pro 602 E-book Reader

PocketBook launches its new pro 602 e-book reader which is comes with attractive design and look. It is allows you best specification that means we have to comes with 256MB RAM and 533MHz processor. This new gadget product provides best microSD card slot, Pro 602′s rechargeable battery and six inch 800×600 e-ink screen. Other feature includes a WiFi, bluetooth, 0.5Wx2 stereo speakers, 3.5mm jack and so on.

The new pocketbook Pro 602 e-book reader is much reliable and comfort model comes with two gaga byte microSD card and microUSB cable. It comes with 2 standard version first is come with microUSB cable price $179.99 and second is offer cost $199.99. If you are finding for elegant feature based e-book reader then just use this new gadget product. It is comes with attractive color like white color. I hope you will like this new e-book reader. Would you like to buy this new pocketbook Pro 602 e-book reader? [MORE]


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