Audio Gadget: New Luxury Vintage Audio Amplifier ($550,000)

Recently here introduces its new luxury vintage audio amplifier which is comes with awesome feature look and design. It is a best audio gadget which is recently announced a limited-edition $550,000 speaker product. It is prime heavy audio device which is comes with 300B amplifier and double mono design. This is provide a new attractive feature just like a stylish insightful black facade panel which is decorated by separate left, such a luxury audio gadget.

The new luxury Vintage audio amplifier comes in finest features such as a loudspeaker, one stereo XLR input, 3 via RCA, input impedance of 100K ohm and so on. So if you are finding for new feature based amplifier device then just use this new 300B amplifier. It comes with the cost tag of approx $550,000 and I think is a superb amplifier cost tag of $550,000. Would you like this new amplifier? [MORE]


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