Today Story: Toyota Introduces New iQ Disco Car

Toyota has introduces new IQ disco car automobile product which is comes with specific luxury design is available in European market. Actually our designing is seem to a disco ball then is called IQ disco car. It is comes with professional DJ sound system. It includes interactive features such as excellent sound system with 1000 Watts and 130 dB and sideways sound system includes a new set of 18″ alloy wheels. Other feature includes a subwoofer with a 15-inch bass, 2 Numark NDX 800 players and 2-channel mixer.

If you are searching specific looking for car then you choose this awesome Toyota product its latest manufacture. Toyota is an innovative company which is provides the best Disco car for all disco dancers. Look and design of this automobile product is excellent it glitters superbly. It is powered by a 1.33-liter Dual VVT-i petrol. MORE


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