New Sonics Atrio Special Edition Earphones

Here Sonics has introduces the new Atrio special edition earphones which is coms with effective proprietary studio-grade dynamic driver. It is a new technological earphone which is much reliable and best for connecting in your mobile or iPhone/iPod these earphone comes in finest feature and design. This is provide a awesome chocolate color and best sound capacity.

The new Atrio special edition earphones provide excellent features such as a TrueTimbre audio, MG7 transducer feature, effective dynamic and occupied sound. That is manufactured with one dynamic driver which can be produces frequencies minimum to minimum 150Hz. Other feature includes an 112dB @ 30Hz, 18Hz – 20,000Hz Response and positive/negative 26 dB ambient noise rejection. In market today’s there is all kinds of earphones are available but this one is different from look and design.

COST: $229

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