New Mini Digital Photo Frame Keychain

Here is the new design based digital photo frame keychain presents this one of the most popular tiny digital photo frame might be superb for gift. It is provide a effective features like we have to present display your photo on a 1.5-inches color screen and you can also store for up to one hundred photos.

This is suite an extra-ordinary digital photo frame I have seen all kinds of photo frames but this one is attractive and best to others you can get it new keychain which is comes with clock and your favorite images. It is manufactured with lightweight design. It is provides a 1.5-inch display, CSTN color LCD display, compatible photo formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF.

This is such a cool design new mini digital photo frame it’s built in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Its cost tag is at $7 USB for two to fifteen units. This product creates a huge inexpensive gift for your lover, friends and family! MORE


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