Latest Speedlink CUE Wireless Multitouch Mouse White Red

German company has introduces a new Speedlink CUE wireless multitouch mouse white red which is comes with superb features. It is based on new generation that means our feature is awesome, like multi touch function. The mouse is easily control with your computer just by swiping your finger very thanks to latest multi touch technology. The Speedlink CUE wireless multitouch mouse white red it is place of loads of mechanical buttons. It is provides an extra-ordinary features such as high-precision touch sensors which can be translate these into commands and recognize your hand finger movements.

I have seen first time this type of superb wireless mouse which can be provides these effective features. It is comes with nano USB receiver and 2.4GHz wireless technology. This cool wireless mouse will be accessible in 4 different colors such as white, red, silver and black. I love this new Speedlink CUE wireless multitouch Mouse white red. MORE


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